Friday, August 5, 2011

Squeezing In Some Art

Yesterday started off so nicely. A little Internet surfing and relaxation before some snuggling with my little guy. Then, we were off to a train shop for a little scenic shopping. Hubby has an approximately four foot by eighteen foot train layout in progress in the basement, and we were hunting for a gas station to place across from Irene's diner.


We were just having a nice day! Fun and giggles at Burger King while the little guy played with his crown. Friendly gestures at the store as one of the train guys gave our little guy some old train catalogs to look through for free (they become collector's items as the years go on).

It was just a nice day with no worries or stresses.

Then I got my course schedule and wanted to jump off a bridge.

In the midst of that, I created. I worked on an image in PhotoShop and that provided me with a nice distraction. I added some color to my watercolor/ink journal's latest sketch.

And then I ended the night with a massage from Hubby, who realized that I need to be kept sane just as much as he does. :)

And today? It's another day. I doubt I'll have time for any creative endeavors as we have a packed schedule, but that's okay because it should be a fun day.

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  1. Oooh...ahhh...what a killer image! I'm envious of the train! Ever since I saw Arthur years ago, I've wanted one. I hope you'll share some pics of it someday! Enjoy another fun day and good job squeezing in the creativity!