Saturday, September 29, 2012

You Can't Go Home Again...Can You?

I have been putting this blog post off for several weeks. And at first, it just seemed that I had other things that I wanted to post first. However, I've been realizing that I've simply been putting it off and pretending that it's for reasons other than the truth.
The truth is...this post makes me melancholy.
Several weeks ago, we drove north to visit my grandparents. Although we hadn't planned it (and I hadn't wanted to), we drove past where I used to live. I had my camera in hand, as I always do, and I took pictures. I uploaded those images and processed them. And I stared...
It's not my home anymore.
Elements are still there, surely. But it's not the same place, not the same landscape.
Perhaps the saying is true, that you can't go home again.
Or perhaps there's another sentiment that is more accurate. Perhaps it is truly a matter of "Home is where the heart is." My memories may have some of their roots on the old farm, but my heart dwells elsewhere now...
All My Memories, Neat Little Rows
circa 198?
Not Always Like This
circa 2012
 It's all changed. Gone is the cornfield where we once got "lost". Gone is the silt bank that I once watched one of my cousins climb despite being told we were not allowed to play there. Gone are the paths where we used to go sledding on without sleds.
But. But I don't need to see the farm literally as it once was to still see the farm as it was. My memory does a fine job in conjuring back my childhood home.

A Glimpse of Home
Home is where your heart is. Your memories are where your childhood lives forever.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Autumnal Ecstasy!

Aside from the whole back-to-school aspect, I love autumn. The colors. The crisp feeling in the air. Blue jeans and hoodies. Halloween and horror movies on cable.
Yes, I love it all.
So in homage to this, my favorite season, here are some autumnal scenes:
A Walk Through Autumn

Autumn Road

Remains of the Day

The View from Where I Stood
The Way to Go

A Red Barn in Autumn
So what's your favorite season? What makes you love it so much?

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Crazy Mary

"Down an old dirt road..."
Have you ever heard the song "Crazy Mary"? Pearl Jam has an awesome version of which I'm quite fond. While processing some rural images the other weekend, I was struggling for titles, something that doesn't often happen to me, admittedly. Then, it came to me...the first lines of the song. And I went with it...
No Loitering Allowed

Past the Parson's Place

The House of Mary

Saturday, September 8, 2012

(Insert Scream Here)

I am so stressed out!!!
There. I feel a little better. Sometimes you just need to release a primal scream in order to feel better, you know? And it's Saturday, so that goes a long way to feeling a sense of relief. Partly because I get to be creative today! Of course, I have have spent my time so far posting images and trying to catch up with the work of my creative colleagues. I WILL be creating again soon as I finish this post!
Since I have been feeling stressed, I decided that I should post images that relieve that stress. To that end, here is a brief respite into a land called Breathe...

"A Spot to Breathe"

"Where Dreams May Come"
There. I feel even better!
What makes you feel better when you're stressed and overwhelmed?

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Submissions

(Ducks head in shame)
Hi, folks. It's been a while, huh? Life got crazy. I guess I'll detail what's been going on and what I'm going to do about it! And a shout out to my friends Dave and Laura; they've posted to their blogs and got me moving to post to mine! Thanks, guys!
So, here's what you've missed:
1. Back to school! My schedule got a huge upheaval this year, so suddenly school became all-consuming. After an initial all-out meltdown, I've decided to just prove my mettle by doing a great job this year and not letting things get to me. It's a struggle; I have to be honest. But I've gotten some serious validation about the job that I do. I've been told what an impact I have on these kids. I'm going to stay true to that.
2. My little guy is starting preschool this coming week! Where did the time go? I've been spending time with him and trying to absorb all the childlike wonder that he has. He is so sweet and silly and goofy. I just adore him, and I am ever amazed by him!
3. I started a weight loss journey this summer. Right after our eleventh wedding anniversary, Hubby and I started counting calories, watching portions, and making healthier choices. Since July 7th, Hubby has lost 27 pounds (Men! Right?), and I have lost 13 pounds. For a little while, I was seeing the pounds come up but wasn't really seeing results. Now? Wow. I have a waist again. My saddle bags are dropping off. My butt is even smaller! And Hubby is taking notice. ;)
4. Creativity feels like it has come to a complete standstill. I haven't processed pictures in a while, and I certainly haven't made any hands-on art.
Which brings me to...
5. Saturday is going to become my creative day. I am going to try to devote my morning (before my little guy wakes up anyway) to creative endeavors. And that includes blogging. I want to devote more time to the things that bring me personal, selfish happiness during my coffee-sipping, early hours!
So, here you go! A glimpse of some little creative endeavors I did squeeze in last weekend. A trip to the Rose Garden which yielded pretty floral shots and some cute portraits, some imaginative dress-up play with my little guy, and some rural shots from a visit to my old stomping grounds:
Pretty in Pink


Taking in the World

Mr. Bright Eyes

Mommy's Little Swashbuckler

Bits and Pieces

On a Day Just Like This

Sing a Song of Summer
I guess I've been more creative than I realized! Yay!
Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Enjoy your time off, time spent with family and friends. And take some time to do something for yourself, something that you enjoy!
See you next Saturday!