Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can We Do It?

Yesterday was only moderately creative.

I spent most of the day on my parents' farm. We were going to take the little guy to the county fair, but as soon as we got to Mom and Dad's, he was ready to play and see the cows. We decided to just stay there and let him have fun.

I did manage to squeeze in some pictures that I look forward to processing...someday.

I processed a couple pictures last night, including today's post for Flickr:

But otherwise, I wasn't productive. I erased what I started to add to my watercolor/ink journal. I looked at my Pinterest-inspired project and wasn't sure what direction I wanted to go.

So I sat and read my new Food Network magazine and imagined all the yummy food I could be making if I had my dream kitchen.

It doesn't help that Hubby's newish job is a stress monster and that he really doesn't deal well with stress sometimes. And having to maintain his sanity is threatening to become a full-time job for me!

Well, other than laundry, a potential call to the pediatrician (that's another blog, altogether), a jaunt to the grocery store, and helping him set up some chairs at school...I don't have any plans. Maybe I can squeeze in work on that necklace today?

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  1. Oh, I did the same thing with the Pinterest-inspired project! I couldn't decide so instead opted to work on something for the Mad Hatter Bunco. Taking photos yesterday DOES count as being creative! :) Keep far for our first week, we've done pretty good!