Monday, August 29, 2011

After All, Today is Another Day

I am reminded of a song from the epic film Billy Madison, in which the title character is singing a song..."Back to school, back to schoooooollll..."

For indeed, I am back to school. Today was the first day for students. It was busy and full...and not too bad. I have some characters this year, but they keep things from becoming dull.

And as in years past, my mom is coming to my house each day to care for my little guy. When I came home, not only had she spent the day playing with him, but she did the dishes, cleaned the kitched, put away all my laundry...and probably did a dozen other things I haven't discovered yet! How does she do it? She is a miracle, that woman!

So, last week was pretty kaput when it came to meeting creative goals. Phhbt.

This week is another week, however, and I will have to get creative about getting creative.

I'm going to squeeze in photo processing wherever I can. I'm sticking to my goal of posting a pic a day.

And I'm going to purchase two things that I can use in my creative endeavors. The first is a Keri Smith book called Finish this Book. It can currently be purchased at a discount, and I'm down with that!

I also want to pick up some of this varnish. I found an awesome tutorial via Pinterest; it shows how to make necklace pendants from book pages!! I am going to make a million of these!!!

And finally, I am really excited about this! My creative sister, Laura, is posting a weekly photo challenge from a book called The Art of iPhoneography. The book contains 100 creative photography missions for your iPhone. Laura is going to pick one at random each week. This week's mission is "Visit a farm and explore a worn path." Since my parents live on a farm, I just may be able to pull this one off!! And since my mom plans to take my little guy to her house on Wednesday....Guess I know what I'm going to do!

So, I do have to scale back my creative goals simply because at least 8 hours of each day is going to be filled for me, but I think that I can still find creative fulfillment each week.

Wish me luck!

And grab your iPhone and join in the weekly challenges!!!!

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  1. Keri Smith is who also does the "Be An Explorer of the World" book that I've been doing tasks from. She's got a great series of fun books. I'm really interested in the necklace tutorial...can't wait to see what you do! And, Yes! We can do the iPhone missions! It's only one a week! I know you images of the farm's worn path will be awesome! Enjoy your week!