Friday, August 12, 2011

In The Moment

A new school year is fast approaching. (And don't insert the expected moans and groans; insert wretched screams of!)

One thing that I sort of like about school starting is that I get to buy new clothes. I only say sort of because of dressing room mirrors, but I digress...

So, on Tuesday, I whisked my son to one of his favorite paces in the world: Grammie and Grampie's farm. I dropped him off in the morning, and spent the day at the outlets. What finds! I came home laden with bags and feeling good about some good deals and some new styles for my wardrobe.

I did so well on Tuesday that I didn't really have to do any school shopping yesterday. But I already had plans to let the little guy spend the day on the farm, so I decided to spend the day on my own.

First and main stop? Barnes & Noble. I have not been able to browse at B&N for a long time; I now spend my time there in the children's section, playing on that cursed Thomas table.

Today? Just me, myself, and I. I grabbed my grande caramel macchiato and started to browse. First stop? The craft section. I looked at book after book of art journal idea and upcycling ideas and altered whatevers ideas. I snapped pictures of the book covers with my phone so I would remember what titles I wanted to get my hands on eventually.

Then I strolled through the bargain books. There were a couple of stacks of 75% books, and I was excited to find several of Dover's clip art collections in them. I grabbed a book of 1565 spot illustrations and motifs that was reduced to only $4.

Finding that book sent me over to the art section to see what other Dover books were available. I found a wonderful one full of book plate art. I couldn't resist as I think it will be perfect for my dictionary project. I decided it could be one of my splurges since it wasn't on sale.

Next stop was the magazine rack for something to read over lunch. I chose the latest issue of Somerset Studio, and I'm so glad I did. What inspiration! And I love the ads for all the resources; I can't wait to start beefing up my Christmas wish list!

Finally, my growling stomach let me know that it was time for lunch. I settled into a small table in the cafe with a chicken and artichoke baguette and a passion tea lemonade. As I sat there, I felt compelled to lose myself in the moment and just be. I documented my thoughts:

Color: Periwinkle
Word: Peace
Phrase: Cleansing breath
Where I Am: Starbucks cafe at Barnes & Noble
What I'm Doing: Lingering over Somerset Studios and an artichoke/chicken baguette
Why I'm Doing This: I need to recharge my battery

See: A girl in a summery floral dress. She's packing up the laptop and textbook she's been working on since I sat down. I can't imagine that any summer courses are currently going on as most colleges are getting ready for the new semester, and I wonder what she's been working on.
Hear: Three people are sitting behind me. There's a younger woman with an older male and female. The young woman is going through a nasty divorce, and she seems to be discussing failed arbitration with two lawyers. So sad.
Smell: Surprisingly, I don't smell coffee. I smell the warm, yeasty smell of my baguette and the grilled chicken. I also smell the ink of my new magazine.
Taste: Artichokes, their flavor is most prevalent, and there's a peppery spice that's not pepper.
Feel: Relaxed and content and refreshed and that I need to do this more often...

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  1. Ahhh..I felt like I was there with you, taking in that cleansing breath and sitting down at the table for a bit on inspirational reading. I love that you documented the sights and sounds. And yes, please do this more often! :)