Monday, August 15, 2011

Last Ditch Effort!

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Two weeks from today marks the first day of another school year. Please set your violins to mourn. And next week involves two inservice days, so I can literally feel my creative time being drawn from my veins.

Just means I have to get creative about getting creative, right?

I think about this as I set my goals for the week. I want to cram in as much last-ditch creativity as I can! So, let's see what I can do...

1. Keep posting a daily image to Flickr. Maybe two as I want to start adding some of my Hipstamatic shots.

2. Work on a couple more dictionary prints. I really like how the one I did for my husband and I turned out, so I want to try some more. I'm thinking that if I can get a head start on some samples, I could start a new Etsy page for personalized ones. Hmm?

3. Work on that gosh-darned necklace!!!!

4. Finish my original Pinterest-inspired project. I redid the background last night and I am sooo much happier with it! Now, I just have to do the next step...which involves some freehand drawing and sketching...and that is going to make me hesitate. Still, I will do it! And if it turns out, it may just become a treasured piece for our home.

5. Encourage creativity in others. There's an old quote about the best way to cheer yourself up is to cheer someone else up. Well, maybe that should be reworked and applied to being creative. The best way to get myself creative is to get someone else to be creative!

So, you! Yeah, you! I know that you're reading this!! I can see you through the screen! (*tap, tap*) It's time to click the little "x" in the corner of the screen and do something creative! Right now!!

6. And finally, I think I may have to consider becoming a resource for the tourism industry. Just sayin'...

And with that, I wish you a creative week! Happy creating!!

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  1. Sounds like you are going full steam ahead for sure! I can feel my creative time slipping away as well as my fall calendar fills up with non-creative obligations. If you can do it then I can to! You need to get that necklace done!LOL!!