Sunday, August 14, 2011

Better Attempt Next Time

I'll admit it.

I wasn't as creative this week. I set reasonable goals, and only through a bit of creative semantics and debate can I say that I met some of them. I had good intentions, but I also had to do some school shopping. And I did squeeze in a day of relaxation and inspiration which I wholeheartedly feels should bring about an entire forgiveness for other lapses this past week.

So, let's check out those goals and see how I did...or didn't, as it were.

1. The first goal was to keep posting to Flickr. I managed to maintain this goal, but it was close a couple of days. (May I say thank goodness for the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone?)

2. Next up was to decide how to put together my next necklace. It includes a chain with a ribbon strung through each of the links. I looked it at. I thought about it. I sighed and put it out of sight because I know how very tedious that job is going to be. Maybe next week...

3. I was also supposed to decide what to do with my Pinterest-inspired project. I think I have come to a decision on that. I know what image I want to do, but I'm not happy with my current background piece. I think I'm going to create a new background and restart the Pinterest project. And then I'll use the original background for something else, perhaps a mixed-media piece.

4. I did look at my art journal, as I had said I should for my fourth goal. I did think that I should glue the pages together, as I also said I would do. I did not glue any of said pages together, but that wasn't my goal, so I can't feel too badly about that, right?

5. I mentioned previously and posted pictures from a book of gothic romance tales that I intend to repurpose. Well, I did start to do that. I want to do something with the cover of the book, and I managed to cut the image out. Now, I have to figure out what to do with it. Hmm...maybe this could become part of that mixed media piece?

6. My final goal for this past week was to make another stock manipulation piece. That I did not do. I tried, as I did have an idea for something, but I wasn't happy with how it kept turning out. I just couldn't get it to meet the image I had in my head. Now, that being said, I did work on a piece this morning that involved brushes and textures and an image that was different from my usual. I'm going to count that, okay? (You don't really have a say, so you might as well agree.)


So, I guess I did fairly well. I wanted to do better, but it just wasn't the week for it. And I know that with school starting soon, I'm going to have my creative time cut into significantly.

But on a side note, I had an idea for a creative space in the basement. We have a little laundry room just off the main room downstairs. There, of course, is a washer and dryer off to one side against the outer wall. There's a really big utility sink against one of the other walls. I had a vision for that area, but I didn't really think much of it until yesterday when Hubby mentioned that we should replace that sink with something smaller. I jumped at the chance to share my vision with him. A smaller sink that is attached to a countertop that extends to the corner. Shelves and drawers and a stool...and a workspace for me.

Hubby? He liked it. Now to just make that idea come to fruition. It'd be alot nicer to work there than my usual: an old changing pad spread out on the floor amidst all the toys and nonsense...


  1. Whew! You did have a lot of goals set for this week! And, you should really count the day at B&N as creative since it surely yielded inspiration! I had a hard time meeting my goals this week too and I'm afraid, even without having to deal with school, my fall is jam packed already with non-creative stuff. But, we will figure out how to fit our creative time in! We must! Killer image by the way...LOVE it!

  2. Nooo! A full fall cannot get both of us! Augh!

    We'll still find ways to make it creative. If anything, it will focus us to focus on only one or two projects at a time instead of the billion we seem to dive into headfirst!

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  4. I think you both are doing great. You put so much on your plate and dive in. Way to go!