Friday, January 3, 2014

Welcome to 2014

New Year's Resolutions.
Ugh. Every year I struggle with them. I make them and break them. Some sooner than others. I call them "goals" to try to make it easier. No luck. I make too many and become overwhelmed. I forget what ones I made. I get to the end of the year and kick myself.
Am I the only one? Why do I do this to myself?
This year, of course, I'm going to try again. I'll try a different approach in some ways. I will succeed or I will not.
The first thing that I am going to do differently is to start the year with a single word that will define what I want to accomplish. Many of my creative contacts do this and it seems to work for them. It took me a while to come up with my word, as I started to think about it long before 2013 was over. I had a couple come to mind, but none seemed to be the one. Then, as seems to often be my case, I started to overthink it. Finally, last night, on the cusp of sleep, it came to me:
Release. It works for me in so many ways. I need to release the creative ideas within me. More on that in a moment. I also need to release some negative thoughts and feelings that keep hanging on; I moved forward with that in 2013 but it wouldn't hurt to continue. I also need to release some unhealthy habits (potato chips, anyone?). The list continues, but you get the idea.
Back to those creative ideas that need to be released...
For 2014, I am going to continue the Round Robin art journal that my friend, Laura, started. Our little circle of creative sisters--Laura, Phoebe, and myself--have been enjoying and growing through this endeavor, and I look forward to continuing until we have completed our books.
I have admired some yearlong projects that some creative friends completed via Instagram this year. A couple of them were successful in posting a daily image for the Sky Project. I would tackle that, but trying to be realistic in my goals, I know that I probably wouldn't see it to fruition. Instead, I'm going to attempt a weekly Instagram project of pics off my back porch. It'll be interesting, at the end of the year, to see how the view changes through the seasons. I think I can do it!
Week One
I also want to work in a couple of my own art journals. I have one that is serving as something as an art diary. I have a few pages in it, but I want to do more. And I will do more. I have another art journal that I want to use for mixed media projects. I have the first page started, but that is it so far. 2014 will be a little more productive than that, I hope!
A few years ago, I started writing a little pet project. I need to release the rest of that story...even though I don't know what the rest of that story is. I've kept my main character "captive" too's time to release her.
Of course, with my new camera, there have to be new pictures! I already did the first one for 2014, and I'm feeling the vibe!
Crisp Winter Morn
And you know, I think that's about it. I think that is enough. Like I said, I have a tendency to take on too much, especially when it comes to creative projects. I don't want to reach the end of the year and feel like I've failed. Instead, I release myself from those negative feelings by giving myself manageable goals.
What about you? Do you set resolutions or goals for yourself? What do you hope to accomplish in 2014?