Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Snow Days!!

There is nothing like a good snow day!

I remember being a kid. I'd wake up earlier than usual on those days when the potential for a snow day existed. My parents would have already been in the barn for about two hours by then, radio tuned to the local station. Mom and I had worked out a code; if school were closed, she'd turn on a certain light. I'd always race to the living room window to see if that light were on. If not, I'd turn on the radio and listen with anticipation.

It always seemed to take years before my school was finally added to the list of closings.

Now, I don't have to wait for that light to go on. I get a phone call from a colleague who has also signed up for the phone chain.

Like when I was young, though, I wait in anticipation for that news. I stay awake long after the school closing has been posted, anticipating the wonderful day ahead.

Today, after finally falling asleep again, I awoke with my little guy at 8:00. We watched cartoons together. I made waffles, bacon, and eggs for all of us, and we ate breakfast in front of the fire.

I can't wait until he understands the true nature and wonder of snow days. It'll be a new set of memories we'll build and share together!

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