Saturday, January 1, 2011

I Resolve...

Every year for as long as I've known about the tradition, I have made new year's resolutions. I've gotten wiser about what I resolve to do and not to do over the years. Generally, however, I forget about them by the beginning of February. There are other things to do than worry over the status of a resolution, right?

Still, I'll make more resolutions this year. Just because.
  1. Finish writing Dust and Ashes. I may be "over it" but it still needs to be completed. It's not fair to my characters to leave them as is...
  2. Start seriously working on Memories of a Reluctant Farm Girl. It was supposed to be finished last summer, and I know my mom is getting impatient. Maybe by Christmas 2011?
  3. Take. More. Pictures.
  4. Do something with said pictures. They can't just exist in cyberspace.
  5. Procrastinate less. Do more.
Five. That's a fair number. We'll go with that and see what happens...

1 comment:

  1. Good set of resolutions! I'm intrigued by the titles! Yes to the more pictures! Oh, and National Procrastination Month has been postponed until next month so you are okay there. ;-)