Monday, January 24, 2011

"Painting" with "Brushes"

It really started with that first image. I was participating in a Flickr challenge that centered on using a texture. The more I looked at the texture, the more I saw it as a landscape. So, I found some brushes for Photoshop and I began to play. I was so excited with how it turned out! And I even won the challenge!

So, occasionally, when I am suffering from a lack of photographs, I paint using Photoshop and the plethora of free brushes available.

I find that it's very soothing and challenging at the same time. It seems like an oxymoron, I suppose: a soothing challenge. But for me, it works.

I started "painting" again yesterday. And I really enjoyed it. So I made another one. And I worked and worked and made a couple more. And I think I intend to make more beyond that!

It really excites me to build a landscape from scratch. No, it's not a messiah thing. It's just the wonder of creating something from nearly nothing. Much like creating a painting.

I'm having so much fun!!


  1. I love all of them! Each one is so beautiful, mysterious. What a great idea! I must try it sometime as I don't have snow down here so I could create my own snowscape! Keep up the creative work. I look forward to seeing more! :)

  2. I think they are really beautiful. I don't understand for a minute how you did it, but they are really great.