Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Off My Back Porch: Number One

One of the most unused portions of my house is the back porch. And I'm not sure why it gets so little use. It's wonderful.

Two stories up. Surrounded by trees. An oasis that disguises the fact that we live in town. A place a country girl like myself can really relax.

Still, we rarely go out there. I think that we sometimes forget about it. Sometimes it doesn't seem worth the trouble to go out and do all the cleaning that's necessary to get full enjoyment of the space. We live in the "coal region" so all outdoor living spaces are usually coated with at least a thin layer of coal dust.

That shouldn't matter, though. We should use it more...well, when the weather is nice, anyway.

In the colder months, on days like yesterday when we were enjoying a day off because of the freezing rain and sleet, there are still some important uses for the back porch. An example? Photo ops!

I braved the freezing temps and snapped some shots of the trees and rain. I'll be posting them over the next several should buy me some time to figure out when and where I'll get some more time outdoors to take pictures!

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