Sunday, January 16, 2011

Prompted to Be Creative

With some of my Christmas money, I purchased the book seen in the above picture. It's really quite wonderful so far. Reading it is like talking with a friend about the writing process. It's full of great ideas, not necessarily for writing topics though I'll get to that in a moment; more so, it's full of great ideas for how to live a writing life. I'm already bouncing some of the ideas off my husband so he realizes I'm serious about some upcoming plans!

In any case, there are some little prompts included along the way. They aren't spelled out in great detail. They're not meant to be. They are just little snippets to get you to write for at least a couple of minutes each day, and there is a prompt for every day of the year.

Today's prompt is: "The place where wings unfurl"

I intend to write about this is my daily notebook later as I have an idea for how to interpret it literally. Reading it for the first time, though, I began to think of the figurative nature of the prompt.

I need a place where my wings unfurl. Sitting in front of the fireplace on a Sunday morning is comfy and cozy. My coffee is within reach; my toes are warm; my little guy is my companion. But it's not conducive to unfurling my wings. They'd only start to unfurl before I was tucking them back in so I could jump up and replenish the cookie supply or change the DVD or find a missing toy.

I need a place where my wings unfurl. Where I can sit, uninterrupted, for at least thirty minutes a day. Where I can let my creativity out and accomplish more than a quick snapshot or a five-minute blurb of writing.

There are a couple of projects in which I want to participate through the Art House Co-op. I don't want to spend the money, though, if the projects are only going to go fallow sitting on the floor by the fireplace.

It's time to prepare. It's time to build my place.

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  1. Love this post Nichole! You do need a place you can unfurl those wings of creativity. As artists, it's a must for our souls! I'm so glad you got the book! I had grand plans to do that this year, but the Awe-Manac surprised me by providing me with more than enough inspiration, so I have put the Book of Days aside for 2012.
    Go ahead and do the Art House Co-op! I won't let you sit and not finish! I'll be there to root you on, prod you, remind you why you signed up! If I can do it (and I was at one time, the Grand Procrastinator) than you can too! Now, go let those wings unfurl and fly my friend!