Saturday, January 26, 2013

Creativity Wrap-Up

We shared our germs. And our misery.
Being sick stinks. I'm not sure which is worse: being a sick little boy who can't figure out why Mommy's kisses aren't making it better or being a sick little Mommy who can't figure out why her kisses aren't making it better.
I spent much of the week playing nurse, either to myself or to my little guy. Or to both of us.
But I also forced in bouts of creativity. Mainly because I needed distraction. Partly because I promised myself a creative 2013, and I plan on sticking to that.
So, what did I manage to accomplish?
"W" is for Workspace
The Art House Co-Op has been hosting free projects on Wednesdays, so I decided to participate in this weeks. They are creating a visual encyclopedia; in this case, they asked for pictures of your workspace to add to the "W" volume. I like easy projects! (Note my awesome poster of Poe in the background!)
Too Quickly
I also took some time one night to make the above picture. Can't believe how quickly he's growing up...
And finally, my creative practice for the week was in doodling. I didn't do much, truth be told. The most was done when I was in bed on Tuesday, trying to breathe and stop coughing. Ugh. (But this isn't about whining, right?)
My Assistant
Mistress Mary
I decided to start a new page in my creativity journal. I have plans for it...but that's all I will say for now. I'll post a pic of the finished product once it is a finished product.
And now it is the weekend. The plans? Hubby has a concert, so the little guy and I will be prepping for his birthday this week. The little guy wants to make him a card (creativity!), buy him a toy car that makes noises and lights up ("because Daddy always plays with them when we go to Walmart"), and bake him a layer cake with one big candle and lots of sprinkles. God, I love that kid.
With the roll of the die, my creative project for next week will be photo-processing. Yay! I have some photos just sitting in my drive, waiting for me to play.
How about you? Any creative plans for the week ahead?

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