Sunday, January 6, 2013

A New Project in 2013

As much as possible (by which I mean as much as my four-year-old will let me), 2013 has been off to a fairly creative start. I have written in not just one but two diaries (one question-driven and one just a basic daily summary) every night so far. I added two more pages to my creative journal in the last three days.
Last night, I rolled a number five on my creativity die and discovered that I will be making jewelry this week! This is perfect timing since I just bought some beads at Michael's. It's also a little daunting since I haven't really made any jewelry in quite some time. We'll see how I do!
Another creative endeavor that I have been working on is inspired by several generations of women in my family.

Afghan crocheted for me by my maternal grandmother. <3
The women on my mom's side of the family know how to crochet. I tried to learn; earnestly and honestly, I did. But I'd get no further than a foot before I'd completely forget what I was doing and would have to start over.
Eventually, I just gave up.
Still, there has always been a part of me that has wanted to be able to participate in this family tradition. After all, my mom made the afghan that we brought our little guy home in; who will do the same for my grandchildren?
Imagine my joy, then, when a solution presented itself. One of my high school students was in study hall the other day, knitting a scarf on the most wondrous contraption. I asked her for a quick explanation, and she showed me just how easy it was.
That's when I knew I could continue a tradition.
So, the other night, I purchased my first knitting loom and a pile of soft, gorgeous, bulky yarn.
Isn't it gorgeous?!
The instruction book that came with the loom left a little bit to be desired (but in fairness, so did my reading skills, as I missed an entire sentence and couldn't figure out what in the heck I was doing). Once I got going though, I picked up the rhythm of the pattern.
I also numbered the pegs on my loom. This brain
isn't as fresh as it once was...
Now, I realize that in a blog post such as this, the expectation is that I will be ending by showing you a finished product...
In Progress: My First Scarf
Okay, listen. I am notorious for starting a project and not bringing it to fruition. I am counting on you (taps screen and points), YOU, to make sure that I keep working on this and that I actually finish it! And then you have to make me work on more!
This mission, should you choose to accept it, is not impossible. I generally give in really well to guilt trips, so if I don't post my progress in a week or so, let the nagging and hounding commence!!


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  1. The photos are gorgeous Nichole...almost makes me want to take up knitting! What a lovely project to take up and I'm sure you will do fine with it. I'm like you, notorious for starting but not finishing projects so we must keep up on each other regarding that! xo