Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Week in Review

Brr! What a chilly week  it was! We've had temperatures in the teens, and bouts of snow and ice all week. Monday was even a snow day, so that gave me an extra chance to get some photos processed, as that was my artsy task for the week.
I ended up processing a little of this and a little of that in terms of subject matter. So, let's see what I came up with!
Not Theirs Anymore
Taking a Walk
Frozen Landscape
Winter's Caress
The other type of photo processing that I did was via my iPhone. I've been trying to process and post at least one iPhone shot a day. Knock on wood, I've hit 34 days straight! Here are some of those shots...

A Glimpse of Wings (See it?)

Stormy Morn


Yesterday's a Memory
Chilly and foggy were the predominant themes for the week, huh? Ugh. I like the variation in weather, but a couple of nicer days would be okay. I'd just like to see the sun!
So on that note, one more shot from the week...It's from last summer, but I just processed it this week. And it will provide us with some warmth to get us through the rest of this chilly week!!
On the Horizon
Now, as for this week, I have two tasks to attend to. First, I have to get started on my project for February: Valentine crafts! There is sure to be an exchange of Valentine cards at my little guy's preschool, so I must make sure that he has something cute to give to the other kids. And maybe I can squeeze in time before then to do some other cute activities. Maybe.
As for my weekly project, I'm back to doodling! That's actually perfect because I was in the middle of a little picture that I'd like to finish. I also have something else I want to do that involves doodling, so we'll see if I can find time to bring that to fruition.
Wish me luck! Now, what are your creative plans for the week?


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  1. Love all those pics Nichole but especially the icy cold ones since I don't get to take those kinds of images! You did a lot this week! Looking forward to your doodles! xo