Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Poor Little Pal... :(

My poor little snuggle bear. I had been hoping otherwise, but he finally got the nasty cold that has been circulating since Thanksgiving. Granted, I rather this cold than the flu or pneumonia.
But still.
The fever, the heart is breaking for him. At least he is napping quite a bit. That seems to be helping. His fever broke, and I'm hoping to keep that at bay. His cough is loose and gross, but he doesn't know how to "hawk a loogie," as it were. With him, it's either throw up all the grossness or swallow it back down. A losing battle either way. His daddy is going to grab some honey so I can make a homeopathic cough syrup. We'll see if that helps.
So, unless he naps the entire day away, craftiness isn't on my agenda today. I just want to sit and snuggle with him. The good thing is that I have my January craft done. And I rolled the die and gained a continuation of last week's doodling endeavor. Works for me. I'm not much interested in anything other than taking care of my little pal.
This is one of the parts of parenting that just rips my heart out. :(
So if anyone has some tried and true ways to make him feel better, I'm all ears. Leave me a comment....

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