Saturday, January 19, 2013

Days of Doodling...

If I had kept all my notebooks from high school and college, you would be able to note two things:
1. I took good notes.
2. My notes were secondary to my doodles.
I love to doodle. Primary in my repertoire are cartoon faces followed by various letters, numbers, and shapes. (Here I should admit that I still doodle in the margins of meeting agendas and all over PowerPoint handouts.)
Anyway, one of the lovely items I picked up as a Christmas gift from my pal, Laura, is this book:
Best. Workbook. Ever.
This book is wonderful for my doodling soul. It has pages of doodle how-to's followed by pages of practice pages followed further by projects revolving around doodling!!
How could I not LOVE this?!
I have been trying to control myself and not do every single workbook page in one sitting (self-control has been put into overdrive for that one!), but I have worked through several exercises this week. Doodling was, after all, my creative endeavor for the week. Here is a sampling of the exercises that I have tried. Please note that all of the designs are from Stephanie Corfee's extraordinary imagination; I'm copying them for practice purposes.
Letter Designs
More Letters
Candy, Anyone?
Hearts Make Me Happy
Beautiful Birdies
Postcards from Doodle Land
My Banner, A Doodle
I have to admit, though it may be strange to some, how fulfilling it is to doodle. Specifically to doodle with the purpose of making it a beautiful doodle. I'm looking forward to continuing this workbook and moving on to the next step of doodling with a purpose!
So I must also admit that if I roll the die and find that I have to continue this exercise next week, I shan't be too disappointed in the repetition! ;)


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  1. I love all your doodles! I have yet to crack open this book but last week at B&N my friend Cynde bought it so I am sending her a link to your blog for inspiration! I love the birdies of course! xo