Saturday, January 12, 2013

This Week, In Creative News...

It was hard to be creative this week.
I'm not entirely sure why. I think part of it was still trying to get rid of this darned sinus infection. Ugh. Just can't win against this thing! I even did a journal entry in the hopes of showing it how I would not let it get me down...
Go. Away.
It didn't entirely work, but I did feel better for having added an entry to my moleskine.
The main creative endeavor that I had for this week came with the roll of a die. I had chosen six creative endeavors that I would let fate dictate to me for each week of this year. This week I rolled a "5"...making jewelry.
A couple of years ago, I was a jewelry-making machine! I even sold quite a bit of jewelry for a while. Then, I had to deal with a difficult customer, and it pretty much killed that creative endeavor. For a while, anyway. I decided to give it another shot this year.
That being said, I wasn't feeling the creative mojo for most of the week. My first two endeavors felt like cheating since all I did was put some beads on chains:

That was all I did for a couple of days. creative mojo. Halfway through the week, though, I figuratively kicked myself in the butt and hauled out all my jewelry-making supplies. My mother-in-law had given me a jewelry catalog, so I decided to see if I could mirror some of the designs that I liked in there. I won't show you the original, but I will say that my copycat pair of earrings are pretty similar and were about $80 cheaper!
Ain't Nothing Wrong with Cheap Knock-Offs!
Last night, I sat by the fire and made several more pairs of earrings. In the past, I made some pretty elaborate and dangly designs, but I decided to go subtle this time around. I'm glad that I did; I ended up with four pair that I will wear on a daily basis:
Which Pair Today?
The only other creative endeavor that I put much effort into was the Instagram app on my iPhone. I'd like to post a daily picture this year and so far, so good. Some of my recent posts were taken while driving into an amazing sunset. I then processed the images using the DistressedFX app on my iPhone (highly recommend this one!) and posted them to Instagram. Here is a sampling:
Long Way Down the Road

At the End of the Day

In the Beginning

The Skeleton of a Passing Memory
My only other creative endeavor this week was to process a photo with PhotoShop. I hadn't felt the urge to do this for a while...It was nice to get back to it.
All That Flies Away
I guess, looking at this post, I was fairy creative this week. It's not like I didn't engage in any creative endeavors. I may not have sat down every night to do something, but when I did devote time to creativity, I was productive.
Tonight, I'll roll the die again and see what next week's creative focus will be.
How about you? Roll of the die or otherwise; how will you incorporate creativity into your week?

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  1. You were sooo creative this week! Well done you, despite your lingering sinus infection. I love all the images and your jewelry pieces were all very nice. Can't wait to see what you roll for the upcoming week!