Saturday, January 5, 2013

*Sniffle* *Sneeze* Create?

Much like just about everybody right now, I am sick. It seems that my winters are spent in a constant state of sinusitis. It's partly my fault; I should take daily allergy meds to better ward them off, but I think I'd rather just build myself a great big bubble and live inside that.
In any case, my head is full of concrete balloons, and I have become a good subject for a kid's science fair project.
So how does one find the energy to create when one feels like curling up in a snuggie and sleeping the rest of the winter away?
Well, if you're my pal, Laura, you manage beautifully. I seriously think she might be a creative superhero. Hmmm....
If you're me, you start with something that, historically, you have not enjoyed: a cup of tea.

A Spot of Tea

I have never been a hot tea drinker. The other day, though, in the midst of my misery, I just wanted a hot mug of tea to make me feel better. And you know what? It was wonderful. My adult palate must be more discerning than that of my youth.

Infused with vanilla, honey, and chamomile, I was able to accomplish one thing. One of the things I want to do throughout the year is to keep track of happy memories and moments. I got the idea from Pinterest, and with an alteration or two, I had our memory "jar" ready!

Focus on Happiness
The end goal is to fill the vase and to read all the slips of paper on New Year's Eve. I informed Hubby that he has to participate without mockery. To my surprise...he agreed! Without so much as a smirk! (Well, maybe a little one...)
Other than this project and a couple of Instagram posts, I've been less than creative. With it being the weekend, I hope that will change somewhat. We stopped at Michael's last night, and I used some Christmas money to pick up a few crafty items. You'll have to wait to see what those are, however!
Sometime today, I plan to roll my die to see what creative endeavor I'm going to work on throughout the next week. More on that another time, too!!
Now, it's off to finish my coffee, act out scenes from Home Alone 2 with my obsessed little guy, and to peruse the photobook that arrived on my front porch yesterday. Have a great weekend!!


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  1. haha! I don't know about creative superhero but I did surprise even myself! At least we are sick together,lol. Get it over with so the rest of the year will be healthy and peachy keen! I love that you did a photo book. One of these days...Can't wait to see what you will create this week and yes, Hot Tea is amazing when the tea is of quality and the drinker is a wee bit under the weather. ;-)