Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012: A Year of Awesome!

New Year! New beginnings! New ideas and thoughts and endeavors and beauty and magic!

It is going to be an awesome year!

To start the year, I began with The Awe-Manac: A Daily Dose of Wonder (Thank you, Laura!). It is a book of daily thoughts, musings, prompts, quotes, and myriad other things to get one to embrace the awe that each day can bring us.

"Today I get to....consider all the possibilities!"

What will 2012 bring? What new experiences will I have? What new ideas? I'm trying not to plan, per se; I'm just trying to imagine all the wonder of the year to come!

New Thought (to be thought in 15-second increments throughout the month): "I am better than this."

I am hoping that can be my mantra in those moments when my red-headed roots rear their tempestuous heads. I can be quick to fury and indignation; I'd like to better quell that in 2012.

What Worked in 2011: Barn images, opening up, putting myself out there, compliments, being real, giving in to the muse.

I'm going to stick with all of those for the coming year!

I can't wait to see what awaits in these next twelve months!

Upward, Just Reach

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  1. Love the image! It's so perfect for all those creative goals and life challenges! I'm so glad you like the Awe-Manac! I hope it continues to inspire you throughout the year! xo