Sunday, January 22, 2012

Mission #20: Mission (Nearly) Impossible

I have come to realize that there are not nearly enough shiny, metal objects in my life. And while this might not normally matter much, it did cause one small issue this week as the iPhoneography mission was to "Find your image in a shiny metal surface."


I did what I could, and I can say that I made some creative choices. Doorknobs? A given. Gear shift? Unexpected. And while most of the shots ended up being an image of my fingers holding my phone, if you look closely on some of them, you can see my head peaking in, going "Am I getting the shot?"

Where Shall We Go Today?

Just a Glimpse

Holding On

To Wash Away...


Frozen in Space and Time

I am glad that this mission is over. But at the same time, I am glad that we had this mission. It was tough. It required observation and creativity (and sometimes desperation). And it's the tough missions that really stretch me to try harder and try new things.

So whatever the next mission may be...Bring It On!


  1. Omg,lol...I so had problems finding metal objects too! Who knew it was going to be such an issue? You still managed to rock it out and give them some snappy titles (always love your titles!). :) Great job despite the challenge!

  2. Laura's correct... you give very snappy titles to your photos. I like them almost as much as the photos themselves. I sometimes have to do a double take after I read the caption.