Friday, December 30, 2011

iPhone iDeas

I love playing with my iPhone, and if forced under threat of paper cut torture, I would probably admit that I am somewhat addicted. I would only say "somewhat" because there are apps that I can do without. Heck, there have been tons of apps that I have uploaded and then deleted within just a couple of days.

But I could not live without iPhoneography. Okay. That was melodramatic. Let me rephrase: I would profoundly miss iPhoneography if I no longer had access to it.

I play with iPhone pictures all the time. I snap pics of my little guy constantly. I view the iPhone as my point-and-shoot camera since my real one is too big and clunky to just throw in my purse or pocket. I take self-portraits and glam myself up when I need a confidence boost. I love taking pics of things that I normally reserve for my real camera just to see how they look.

And I love experimenting! I think that's one of my favorite aspects. I don't have to follow any expectations or rules; I can just have fun!

One fun series of photos I put together started with me just playing with Hipstamatic as we drove down the road. I was setting it to take pictures using random settings for the films and lenses. I would stop after each shot and see what the image looked like.

Then I got this one:

And I thought, "Ooh! Very post-apocalyptic!" And anyone who knows me well knows that I just love that sort of thing! So I stayed on that setting and snapped another shot:

And another one...

And another one...

And soon I had what would amount to a couple of film rolls of images. To me, they speak of aftermath, of a world gone silent, of a futile search for what remains of humanity.

I'm mulling over the idea of putting them all together in some sort of photo book. I'm trying to decide if I want to add words, or if I want the pictures to speak for themselves (especially if I use a really good title and introduction).



  1. The photos do speak for themselves, however, your clever captions may add to the effect.:)

  2. How did I miss this one? I love the setting and the pictures are awesome. I've done the same thing with apps,lol.