Sunday, January 8, 2012

iPhoneography Mission #19: The Space Between Us

It's the end of my photography week! Which means it's time to post the results of this week's iPhoneography mission!!

The mission for this week was to "Document your conversation partner and what fills the space between you." What an outstanding prompt! There is so much that could come out of this. Think about it. If you're in the middle of a fight....if you're sharing laughs over old photos...

The possibilities are endless! Of course, most of my conversations are either A) with students whose pictures I won't/can't take and post to the Internet, or B) with my husband and son.

So guess which ones you're going to see....

"Hey, Mommy..."

Like most three-year-olds, my son is a close-talker. I think they want to make sure that they have your full attention, and they do so by absorbing all the space between you and themselves. I don't remember what he had to tell me in this particular picture, but undoubtedly, it was very important!

"Now You Say..."

What fills the space between most of the conversations between myself and my son? Thomas the Tank Engine. And what is our conversation? It's usually dictated by the little guy. He has a script in his head, and he tells me exactly what to say and when to say it. "Now, Mommy, I will say, 'Oh no! Trouble ahead!' and you will say, 'But Thomas didn't slow down...' And then Thomas will crash."


The space in this conversation with my husband is filled not by actual space. But look at his eye. While I was talking to him, the space between us was filled with him looking at the vehicle behind us. Tailgating or just a cool car? I don't know...

"What You Don't Know"

We went to dinner at a new restaurant the other night. It was fabulous!! Definitely a new favorite for me! It was fairly dim in there (not dim as in "we don't want you to see the dirt" but dim as in "we're setting a romantic atmosphere"), but I decided to capture the space between my husband and I as, instead of conversing, he was texting. Turns out he was texting me. And being a little silly and frisky. (Insert huge smile here.)

"Miles Away"

This is something of a setup. My husband was getting drinks for us, and I took the opportunity to snap the shot. True, we were having a conversation at the time, but this shot makes it look like we are miles away from each other both in our words and our emotions. Thought-provoking, huh?

And finally...

"Crumbs? I Hate You."

...A lesson in sharing. Share with the cat. Or he will cut you. Seriously. Or he will be ticked.

Well, off to tend to my wounds and await the next mission!!

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