Saturday, January 14, 2012

iPhoneography Mission #20: Close To You...

Can this really be mission #20? That's twenty weeks of missions? Countless photographs taken on the ol' iPhone. And I have to say, these missions are teaching me so much! Composition, technique, patience...I am truly having a great time, and I'm so glad Laura suggested it!

This week's mission was to "Position yourself as close to your subject as you can get."

For the most part, I took this as an opportunity to try some abstract images. I was snapping shots of the strangest subjects...just to see what I would get! So, let's see what ended up on my "film roll"!

Morning Routine

No Easy Escape



Dig In

Bottoms Up

The Sound of Autumn Leaves Falling



Daily Advice

Some of them are obvious, but I feel like I should provide a key for the other ones! Let's see, the first and last ones are coffee mugs (two of my favorite ones). In the middle, and in order, are an escape button, a ceramic pitcher, the inside of a bag of chips, a Solo cup full of clear plastic spoons, the bottom of a drinking glass, a mixed media picture, a lampshade, and a cup from McDonald's.

Phew! What a fun mission!! I'm looking forward, as always, to getting started on the next one. I've been enjoying playing with the new Hipstamatic Disposable app, and I've especially enjoyed the fact that I can share the "rolls of film" with Laura! It's so cool seeing what catches her eye. Hmm...maybe we can incorporate that app into our next challenge!!



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  1. Great idea to shoot some abstracts for this mission as it was a perfect mission for that. I love that we have the same cup and I love our disposable camera missions! Thanks for inviting me. :)