Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Although I'm swamped with all the minutiae of everyday life, I am sticking to my promise to myself to have a creative summer. I'm feeling kind of proud of myself about that because I can be a big idea/little action kind of lady when it comes to doing things for myself.

The other night, Hubby got in on the action by taking me on an extended backroads drive so I could snap some pictures. And I didn't even have to ask! It was entirely his idea, and he picked road after road after road. I can't wait to start processing all those barn shots I captured!

I posted yesterday about my friend's watercolor journal. I am so proud of her! And it lit a fire under my bum to get moving on mine! I had started a page last week, but I stalled with all the home improvements we've swamped ourselves with. So, yesterday afternoon, with a three-year-old offering to help (yike!), I finished my next two pages.

In Her Garden

I really want to make this journal a hodge-podge of images that just pop into my head (hence the title "Reveries"). This is one that just popped in there the other day. I even rough sketched it on the top of a legal pad to make sure that I didn't lose the image!

The quote that started it...

Can't go wrong with a red balloon and a garden of hearts!

Not too bad, I guess! It's fairly close to what I had envisioned. And I'm definitely learning more about how to use my watercolor pencils! Now...I wonder what I'll envision next!

I'm also planning three altered book projects for the coming weeks, months, hopefully not years! I made it into the back of one of our closets and dug out my tub of Nancy Drew books. I have the first seven in order, and I decided to just hold on to them. I did pull out three books, though, for my artsy plans.

I've got plans for you!

The top two books are going to become art journals! I think that The Secret in the Old Attic will become a personal art journal. I'll use it for thoughts and dreams and such. The purplish book in the middle doesn't match the rest of my meager collection (yellow spines only, thank you!), so that was an easy choice. I'm going to make that into a regular art journal/altered book. Well, whatever regular means, anyway. Ha ha!

The book on the bottom was always a personal favorite of mine. In it, Nancy gets kidnapped and stuffed inside a statue, and she nearly suffocates. I remember crying as I feared her to be dead. And I remember wanting to have a boyfriend like Ned Nickerson who could rescue me! Well, this copy has been read so many times that the pages are falling out. I'm going to remove all of them (and save them for future projects), and turn this into either A) a handbag or B) a holder for an eReader, which will be a purchase before the end of the year. Hmm...I think I know the direction I'm leaning in! How cute to have an eReader tucked into an old Nancy Drew book!!!

Boy! I've got alot of fun work to do!!


  1. The image of your ND books brings back childhood memories. I wish I still had mine! I sold them all on eBay! For shame! I can't wait to see what you do with them. I love your watercolor page. It's so sweet. You did an amazing job. Your barn shots are always so fantastical so I'm so looking forward to those as well. You are doing well so far with the creative summer...keep it up! xo

  2. It's going to be hard for me to tear out that first page or to apply that first drop of glue! I love Nancy! I see this as a way to preserve them for myself in a new way.

    And thanks for the compliments! I'm learning more every time I make something new! :)