Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Coopertown to Salem

The second part of our vacation began with about a four-hour drive from Cooperstown, New York, to Salem, Massachusetts. Since we were all up early, I think we were on the road by about 8:30 that morning. The little guy, feeling it was perhaps a tad too early, took it upon himself to play possum:

"Mommy? Tell Daddy to be quiet. I sleepin'."

We probably could have made pretty good time were it not for this:

Yup. Rain, rain, and more rain. Everything from a steady mist to a torrential downpour. And as it turned out, this was merely tidings of what the rest of the vacation would have to offer...


  1. I got my postcard! I love it! Thanks for sending it to me. Sorry you had such a soggy time. Hope you still had fun!

  2. I was picking through the rack of cards and that one was "The One"! Glad you like it! We made the best of a soggy situation and had a good time...more on that later! lol