Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Friend, the Artist

In my quest to have a creative summer, I invited (dragged) my friend along for the creative ride! She was excited but a little nervous. As we discussed ways to be creative, she declared that she'd always felt like she had a watercolor artist within her. So, that became her chosen medium: watercolors.

She ordered her watercolor journal and her watercolor paints. She summoned up her courage to start. She completed her first image.

She sent me a message stating that she was going to have to tear it out and throw it away.

And then? She didn't. And then? She did a second page. I have included it above...

Isn't it beautiful!!!!!

She's never done this before...

...or so she says. Now, I'm not so sure. Look at that! It's lovely! She really does have an artist within her, and I'm so excited to watch this artist blossom!

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  1. Hell yeah that's beautiful! Kudos to her and to you for "dragging" her along! It cheered me up to read this post and see the lovely image. I ordered the same journal which I will use to illustrate my travels in watercolor. Thanks for the link to it and I can't wait to see more from the both of you!