Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Like a Kid

When I get excited by something, I liken that enthusiastic response to that of a child who has just been told he's going to Disney for the first time...with going to Disney being his lifelong dream.

I felt that excitement with the sky pictured above. It's a segment from an image I posted to my Flickr account a couple of days ago. It was a plain photograph, a plain (but pretty) sky. I added a texture by artist Kim Klassen, one by Distressed Jewell, and voila! I couldn't look away! It was pretty and perfect and all sorts of other adjectives beginning with more than just the letter P.

So, like any kid excited by something new, I kept playing! I looked for more pictures I had taken that featured a cloudy blue sky. I worked the same textural magic on each one. Some worked. Some didn't. Some worked with the addition of new textures. I played and played and probably put together five or six new images in one sitting!

And that still wasn't enough! I pulled the sky image up and used it for my new blog logo, too! Incorrigible! Unstoppable!

And having so much fun! I feel so good when I'm creating. I feel good when I'm talking about creating. I even feel good when I think about creating! After getting up at three o'clock this morning, I had a hard time falling back to sleep...mainly because I was picturing all the little projects that I want to try!!

I'm not old enough for a mid-life crisis. Maybe this is all part of my pre-mid-life rejuvenation?!

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  1. Oh I love the idea of a mid-life rejevenation! I'm going to refer to that now when I have a hot flash,lol. Great pretty of a place you reside in. Green rolling hills, blue skies and those kind of marshmallowy skies that you want to nap upon. You done good kid!