Sunday, December 11, 2011

I've Got the Blues...In a Good Way!

This week's iPhoneography mission? Awesome!

Mission #15: Find something blue.

Awesome, why? Because blue is my favorite color. Granted, I pay as much due reverence to the right shades of purple, but blue has the bigger space in my heart. It reminds me of so many things that I love: blue skies, blue jeans, "You're my boy, Blue!" (the movie Old School), forget-me-nots, and the list goes on. My bedroom is blue; my truck is blue. When I buy Hubby shirts, they are generally blue.

It's not quite an obsession, but I'm definitely a fan.

So, I kept my eye out for things that were blue this week. My first shots were of the sky; it was wonderfully blue (on the days it wasn't raining), and a blue sky just makes me feel that all is right with the world...

Blue Skies, Shining on Me
(Native camera and PhotoToaster)

Into the Blue

Midnight Blues
(Native camera and PhotoToaster)

I didn't want all of my pictures to be of the sky. That seemed sort of like cheating. So I resisted the temptation (and believe me, it was hard), and I looked for a couple other things that were blue. Among the shots that I took that I actually liked was the next one: the drum kit in the band room. The little guy loves to play it, and I love this listen to him pounding on those drum heads in what is almost a steady rhythm already!

Beat the Blues
(Native camera and PhotoToaster)

As much as I like to get dolled up on occasion, I am really a blue jeans kind of girl. I couldn't, therefore, resist a shot...

Old School Blues
(Hipstamatic's Newest Pak)

And finally, even the little guy got in on the action. I have several game apps that he likes to play with on my phone. Among them, of course, is the prerequisite "Thomas & Friends" apps. The newest one has coloring pages of some of the new engines. My little guy must be going through a Picasso stage; he only colors each page in one color. Anyway, imagine my surprise when I was going through my album and discovered that he had (somehow magically) saved this image for me. Good job, pal!!

Blue Belle
(Screen shot)

All pictures aside (heh), winter and the holiday season can be the cause for the blues for some. I know; I've been there myself. I can't offer a cure for that other than a promise that if you open your heart to it, life does get better. The blues can just become beautiful shades of a color instead of the shade of your heart...

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  1. Lovely post Nichole! I love that Nick colors the whole page in one color right now...that is just so sweet! I love the processing of your sky shots and we both shot denim! Blue is my favorite color too...I think it has to do with being Pisces and the openness and serenity of the sea and sky. :)