Sunday, December 18, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #16: The One that Almost Got Away

I was very excited when I saw this week's mission:

Mission #16: Record words and phrases that speak to you in public places.

This was going to be so cool!! I started scouting around school, finding some really cool shots. My week was busy, so I decided that I would snap my pics on Friday during my prep period.

Except I ended up physically restraining a student during a near-fight and my chance to snap pictures got consumed by attending to that situation. THEN, I got home only to find that my dad had been admitted to the hospital with a bad infection in his finger. Which could seem small but infections have a way of spiraling out of control these days. And while his seems to be under control, the fate of his finger is still undetermined.

So I've been visiting him every day. Bringing along the little guy for laughs and a care package of games for distraction. And my iPhone for one last ditch effort to fulfill the mission...

Where Do We Go? And What Do These Things Mean?

I'd Like to Speak to the Engineer About How to Get Off This Thing

The Only Word That Matters

Waiting for Joy

Distracting Grampie

Where Do I Start?


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  1. I hope your father is doing much better and is on the road to recovery. I love the one that you ended with: Goals For Today...I think it's a sign,lol. Merry Christmas Nichole! xo