Saturday, December 10, 2011

Heart Full of Love

Deck the Halls
(with Beer Works coasters...)

Ah, Christmas...

As Nick gets older, Christmas becomes more and more magical.  I can't wait until Christmas morning this year. I think it is going to be so full of wonder and joy and love that I may explode from all of it.

It is important to my husband and I, though, that he learns about generosity. He is a much beloved little boy, and there is a tendency to spoil him since he is, for now, the only grandchild.

Knowing that to be the case, Mark and I began to think about the way to teach him generosity. One of my colleagues attends a church that, as part of its missions projects, supports a local homeless shelter. Each year, my colleague asks people to support the children in the shelter by purchasing Christmas presents for them.

The year that I was pregnant, we began to participate. We purchased gifts for two children that first year. Each year since then, we have tried to purchase for a little boy that is Nick's age. With the exception of one year, though, we always end up purchasing for an extra child. I force myself to stop at two. We can't afford to buy for all of them...though if we ever win the lottery that will change.

This year, we chose two kids again. A four-year-old boy who asked for Thomas toys was the first choice; the second choice was a seventeen-year-old girl who only wanted Bath and Body Works and a bathrobe.

Who can deny gifts like that?

In preparation, we sat Nick down and told him that there was a little boy who didn't have a house. Santa wouldn't be able to visit him, so we needed to buy him presents instead.

I wasn't sure if Nick would "get" it. Boy, was I wrong.

Up until last night, when we bought the gifts, Nick kept asking, "When are we going to buy presents for the sad little boy with no house?"

This morning, he told me that we had bought the present last night and that the sad little boy could be happy now. I told him how proud I am of him, that he was so generous and kind. I said to him, "Nick, you have a big heart that's full of love."

He looked up at me, pondering. "Mommy? Do you have a heart full of love?"

Oh yes, I do. And I know who much of that love is reserved for...

First Letter to Santa!

What he dictated to me...No wonder I love this kid!


  1. Aw, what a sweet story Nichole. You guys are wonderful parents and Nick is going to grow up to be a lovely and kind human being. xo

  2. Your little guy does have a big heart:) You are teaching him well.

  3. Oh, this is too much!! sniff sniff