Monday, December 26, 2011

iPhoneography Mission #17: C'est Moi!!

I hate getting my picture taken; I really do. I'm hypercritical and see every little flaw. I prefer to be the one behind the camera...and as it turns out, I actually have a strange affinity for taking self-portraits. Maybe it's knowing that I have the power to instantly hit "delete" that appeals to me. Bad picture? Good-bye!

This week's iPhoneography mission was to "Grant yourself permission to make a self-portrait every day this week only." And that strange little lump of vanity that dwells somewhere deep in my heart was super excited!!

Day One:

I was post-dye by a day or two. Those nasty white hairs were taking over me head, so I reached for the box of hair color. I was trying a new brand. Because I had a coupon. Three minutes in, I was rinsing like crazy and praying that I didn't look like Carrot Top. Phew! Success!! Whites were covered and a nice, light reddish-brown was the result. Success!!!


Please Don't Be Orange...

Day Two:

Monday!! Yeah...That pretty much says it all...

Get Me Out of Here!!

Day Three:

I was feeling silly that Tuesday morning. Christmas break was looming on the distant horizon, and I knew that the woe of Monday was history. So I played. Just a little.

The Zombies are Marching!


Day Four:

Sometimes, I dislike Wednesday as much as I dislike Monday. It just seems like getting over that "hump" is such a difficult task! I often wish that schools could have bankers' hours on Wednesday: done at noon. Wouldn't it be nice?

I Can't Do This Anymore

I Wanna Be a Rock Star

Day Five:

Sinus headache. Epic.

On the Edge and Sinking

Day Six:

It's Christmas Eve!! We have a standing invitation to my father-in-law's house that night for a surf and turf dinner. This year, because Christmas fell on the most inopportune day, Sunday, we planned Christmas with my parents during the day on the 24th. As I started to get ready around 9:00, I got a text from my brother asking where we were; they were hungry and were holding breakfast until we got there. I went into panic mode! I thought that we were just showing up whenever! And now that text?! Augh!!!!

I started scrambling! Flinging on makeup and trying to gain control of my out-of-control hair.

Then, one final text. "No problem. Take your time." It was a joke. That's what I get for bullying my baby brother when we were kids, I guess....


Day Seven:

Christmas morning. My husband and I were up early. So while we waited for our little guy to wake up (8:30), we enjoyed coffee and peace. It was a nice quiet start to a day filled with noise and glee and excitement!

Good Morning Virtual World!

This mission was pretty fun! Most of my pics were snapped in the midst of my morning routine, and it was nice that I didn't have to worry about when and where I was going to fulfill the mission. It was just a matter of pointing, clicking, and moving on!

So now, it's time to be moving on to the next mission!



  1. Great job Girl! You took one every day! I really love Get Me Outta Here and Rock Star! You are a Rock Star! xo

  2. Great shots! I can relate to "I can't do this anymore", I also like the Zombie shot as I having been having a lot of Zombie dreams lately. ( I will have to see what they mean)