Tuesday, May 24, 2011

So Many Ideas...

...and not enough time!

I am a girl with ideas. Many, many ideas. In fact, I have at least two notebooks with ideas jotted down hurriedly so as not to let them flit off into the stratosphere for someone else to snag and run with.

Time, however, eludes me...as it often eludes those of us who have chosen jobs rather than devoting ourselves to our callings. Ideally, our job would be our calling, but that is not the case for myself nor for many others with whom I come into contact on a daily basis. 

My job pays the bills. My calling pays my soul.

I want to write. I have a notebook my sister gave me that is solely devoted to book ideas. I have several scrawled out in there, everything from children's books about tractor-driving cows to young adult fantasy novels to a murder mystery set in my current town. Some of these ideas are pretty good. At the very least, I would read them and I like to think that a couple other people who aren't my mom, my Aunt Loretta, or my friend Randa would read them too.

I want to photograph. And I do. Often. But most of my pictures are blurred images shot through the windshield of our speeding SUV. Don't get me wrong; sometimes that yields fabulous results:

Other times? Not so much:

And those times that the shots turn out like the one above? Argh! They irk me to no end! So, yes, I do want to photograph. But I want to do so on my terms.

And then I want to take those photographs and turn them into a photo book. That people buy. Not because they are my aforementioned "fans" but because they value my images and want to have them all collected together in a book that they may look at them often.

I also want to do more arts and crafts, so to speak. My sketchbook just shipped, so I'm going to try my hand at watercolor pencils. I have an idea for a mixed-media journal.

I also have ideas for some altered books. My Nancy Drew collection had better beware!

See? So many ideas.

So what am I waiting for? I'd better get to work!!

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  1. LOL...you sound just like me, but with a child and a job,lol. The idea book...I have one too and it seems to keep getting longer and my days getting shorter. Well, we will both just try our best and do what we can do when we can do it! :)
    Now, please get busy on that Nancy Drew idea...that IS very intriguing!