Saturday, May 28, 2011


I am in such a place of contentment this morning.

The sun is out but we've had some light rain all morning leaving wisps of clouds spattered across a pale blue sky. The subdued sunlight is filtering through the blinds giving everything around me a soft glow. Taking advantage of the calm weather and myriad puddles, the songbirds are out, calling to each other and sharing gossip while splashing in their makeshift baths.

My son is still asleep, wrapped up in a handmade afghan. His hand is under his cheek, his fingers curled around his lips as if to keep his secrets from spilling in his sleep. I can hear each quiet exhalation of breath. His dreams are calm, complete relaxation on his sweet face.

My husband is upstairs in the office. Every once in a while, I can hear the clatter of his fingers across the computer's keyboard or the squeak of the office chair when he leans in closer to read what's on the screen. I know his earphones are on and that he's listening to music; I can hear whispered refrains and the quiet tapping of his foot on the floor as he follows the rhythm of the song.

Outside, the chimes of one of the churches are ringing off the hour. The birds quiet in response. A cricket chirps in the silence, its legs buzzing together. A blue jay scolds it, and silence is restored.

My heart and my soul are full.


  1. Your morning beautifully captured in your words. Every morning should be that wonderful! Lovely image too! Have a creative weekend my friend!

  2. Love the words & gorgeous image. My favourite colourings too :)