Monday, May 16, 2011

Creative Sisters: Ralphie's Mom Needs a Break!

Melinda Dillon as Ralphie's Mom in A Christmas Story

Poor Ralphie's mom. Remember the movie, A Christmas Story? How can you not? It's on 24 hours straight starting every Christmas Eve.

Anyway, Ralphie's mom never got to sit down. Never got to rest. She was constantly doing one of the million mommy-mandatory things that crop up. There's one scene where Ralphie admits, via voice over, that she never ate a hot meal because she was always getting someone something: more cabbage, a drink of milk, whatever.

I know how she feels sometimes. As a wife, mother, and teacher, I get pulled in all directions except for the direction that leads back to myself. And I was raised (born?) a giver, so it's in my personality to give of myself.

But there are times when I begin to wonder if I gave too many pieces away.

That brings me to a dear friend of mine. She's even more a Ralphie's mom than I am! I know of only two other people with a spirit as generous as hers...neither of whom are myself.

Anyway, I watch her day after day and I can see it. That wistful face. That phrase that forms but stops before she allows it to escape. I recognize what is going on because I see it in myself.

We are looking for some of our pieces.

I have been able to gather some of mine. I have made sure that I have enough to get me through each week. But my friend? She has more on her plate than I do, and with that giving spirit?

She needs a dust pan. Industrial strength. And a flashlight. Those pieces are scattered all over the place!

I decided, over the weekend, that I want to do a daily sketchbook over the summer. And I decided that I didn't want to do it all alone.

So I made her my "Creative Sister." We're getting notebooks and discovering new paths of creativity for ourselves. My friend admitted that she feels that there is a watercolor artist living within her. Well, girl, it's time to bring her out to play!!

Now, I have to do some shopping. Find some perfect sketchbooks for us! And then?

We create!!!!

I'm so excited! I'm excited to start a new project. I'm excited to have a friend to join me on this little excursion. And I'm excited to give a dear person a venue to express herself for herself.


  1. Yay!! How awesome! I'm doing the same thing! We just gotta start it now because we always will have our excuses. I loved your analogy of your "pieces" and how she needs a dustpan to sweep them all up. I felt like that today myself!
    I do hope you will share some of your pages with us! xo

  2. I heart Nichole Renee. Truly.