Friday, May 13, 2011

Doing Right...Even When It Feels Wrong

Most of my castles are in the air. I'm the first to admit that. And I'm the first to admit that I'm rather scattered when it comes to building those foundations.

One of my castles recently provided me with a rope ladder to the top. A way to skip the foundation, to build the foundation after the fact.

I was ready. I climbed up the first couple of rungs. I got my bearings and my balance.

And then?

I climbed off. I looked at the climb, knowing that I could make it. But what I saw while hanging onto that rung made me step back to the ground.

Climbing that rope ladder all the way up to my castle wasn't the right decision. Once I climbed it, there was no way to come back down without just jumping and hitting the ground hard. Once I climbed it, there was no way to protect anyone left on the ground. And when the time came to jump, my fall would have been broken by someone else.

So I stepped off the ladder. It hurt. It hurt to watch the ladder quickly pulled back up to the castle.

It was the right thing. I know it was the right thing and I was told it was the right thing.

But it hurts.


  1. Awww. :( I hope you are okay. There is usually one than more path that get us to our dreams so I'm sure you'll find another way up to that lovely castle. Hugs from Florida!

  2. Eh...All's good. I had to turn down a job I really want in order to insure some job security. Now, I think I just have to bide my time until the next opportunity rolls around...