Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fiction Project 2011: Part Two

A continuation of my Fiction Project for 2011...

Never heard of Canton, PA? Hmmm...

My playground...

Yes, those are the official rules.

The barn looks the same....not the rest of the farm...

Have you been watching the little stick figure theater going on?
Look! That's my parents over there on the left. Aw...they just fell in love!


  1. LMAO to the "Steps of Becoming a Daily Farmer." And I love your stick figures! Reminds me of my own childhood when I would draw pages and pages of stick figures doing all sorts of things! I still have them and should scan them sometime!
    So proud of you finishing the project! How about joining me on the Sketchbook Project 2012?LOL!

  2. I have a huge fondness for stick figures. My friend and I used to pass notes back and forth in class....of stick figure theater. She'd do a panel; I'd do a panel. Awesome!

    Sketchbook 2012? Hrmmm....I haven't ruled it!