Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sweeping Out the Creepy Corners

Ever since my first episode of Scooby Doo, I have been drawn to horror and the macabre. I love the racing heartbeat that comes with reading a frightening story or watching a truly scary movie. Perhaps part of it is that it's nice to fear something that is unlikely to harm you in real life. Whatever the case, I love horror.

A couple of weeks ago, an image popped into my head. It wasn't entirely an image of horror, but still a little to the left of the typical images I create. I started searching for stock images that I could use to create it, and I stumbled across the work of Marcus Ranum. He has an extensive stock, and as I looked through, I didn't find the image that was in my head, but I found these other images that just said "horror" to me.

I kept going back to those images, trying to figure out how I could use them. Finally, last night, I thought, Why not revamp that previous image in my head?

So, I started piecing it together, part by part. The initial image was...ugh. I played around some more, adding some motion blur and some textures. Then, it happened. That glorious moment where you look at something you have created and you feel that release of tension. It is complete.

Now, this image is out of my head. One more creepy corner of my brain has been swept out, creating space for new images and ideas and creations. I can't wait to see how I fill the space!


  1. It's such an excellent stock piece! It's super scary. We all have nightmares so I think everyone could relate to this! I think I may need to sweep out some of my own creepy corners! :)

  2. It is kind of scary, isn't it? The dark, blurry figures are the ones that freak me out. Bleck! And I think you should sweep out a creepy corner or two...if only because I can't picture what might be in there!