Sunday, February 6, 2011

On a Mission

It drives me nuts.

I hate when I don't know something. I hate even more having to ask. That's not the way I'm wired. I read too much Nancy Drew and watched too much Scooby Doo as a child to just ask for the answers to things. I'm an investigator (which is why I initially took a college path that would have taken me to the FBI). I want to figure things out for myself; that is where I find great satisfaction.

I'm on a mission. I see amazing photographic artworks and I want to try the same techniques. I don't want to copy other people's work, per se. But I think a wonderful method of learning is through imitation. Try someone else's technique, see how it works, and then incorporate it into your own unique style.

I'm struggling with this one, though. I want to know. I refuse to ask (I don't know that the magic secret would be revealed anyway....I probably wouldn't....Well, yeah, I would, but it's my nature to please others).

So I plug away. I try again and again. I hit "Ctrl+Alt+Z" so many times that those keys on my keyboard are starting to take on a lighter appearance than their fellow keys.

Sigh. Back to the drawing board...

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