Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Filling My Big Shoes

 Explore #1: "The Farm"

Explore #2: "Too Cold to Fly"

There's a reason they say to be "careful what you wish for." A while ago, I joined the photo-sharing site Flickr. I posted various types of photos, but lately I seem to have found my preferred style of processing, and I'm becoming more pleased with the quality of my work. I still see vast ways to improve, mind you, but I feel like I'm heading in the right direction.

For a while, though, I've longed to have a picture make it into the "Explore" section of Flickr. Sure, it's not like a Pulitzer or something, but to me it's a pretty big honor and a nice form of recognition. Every week, I would go through the Explore pages, hoping to see one of my pictures, comparing my work to those of others...

Then it happened. A comment from a stranger on one of my pictures. A congratulations on being "Explored." I could barely contain my excitement! I reloaded the Explore page at least 75 times before finally seeing my shot. I squealed. I took a screen shot and saved it. I made my husband come look at it.

And I was satisfied.

Then, this morning, another image on Explore.

I was excited! I called up to my husband to tell him. But then the enormity sunk in. People are watching my photostream, people beyond the small circle of supportive Flickr friends whom I cherish and trust.

Expectations are being set for each image I post. At least, that's how I feel. And while this is partly good because it will make me more critical and careful, it's also a little stressful. I don't want to disappoint anyone, even an anonymous stranger sitting in front of a glowing computer screen.

Sheesh. Who knew my year of creativity would kick off like this?! :o)


  1. Congrats Nichole!! I can't believe that's your first one! I LOVE your stuff!
    I have a good post for you to read, so you don't get yourself all stressed out over it:
    My friend Lei posted this and it got quite the conversation going.
    Whatever you do, remember to keep making art for YOU and not anyone else because if YOU love it, then the rest of the world will too! xo

  2. For all I like to think that I'm so worldy, I think that I'm actually kind of dumb! LOL! I didn't realize it was so very random! Part of me is relieved! Part of me is kind of sad. Ha ha!

    Still, I suddenly have had an explosion of "contacts" that a part of me feels responsible for. But then again, the people who care about me and my work will be there for the long haul. And as long as I do it for me and for those long haulers? I guess I'm doing it right!

    Thanks for sharing this and for your comment! Phew!! :D