Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Here! *gulp*

It's here.

And I'm sort of freaking out.

I recently signed up for the Fiction Project with the Art House Co-Op of the Brooklyn Art Library. They send you an empty notebook; you fill it with words and pictures based on your chosen theme. I chose "Happy Thoughts" and decided to write about my happier memories of growing up on the farm.

And now that the notebook has actually arrived, I'm excited and nervous. I don't want to just start the notebook. If I made a mistake and screwed up a page, I'd probably cry. So I'm fleshing out a rough draft of sorts. And I think I'm going to pre-draw all my images and then trace them into the book. At the very least, I'll draw them in pencil before tracing over them in ink.

And then there's the matter of the cover. What do I do with that? I'm taking the notebook in to my graphic artist friend to pick her brain for ideas.

So I'm on my way and have ideas, but I'm all kinds a freaking out! I guess that just means I have to channel my nervous energy into the project!

Wish me luck!!

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  1. LOL! Don't freak out! Yay! It's finally arrived!
    In art, you must ALWAYS give yourself permission to fail otherwise, you aren't producing the "truth" of your art. If you mess up, just cover it up with nice scrapbook paper and add an image on top! No worries! It's YOUR's YOUR's YOUR words. Just have FUN with it! And let yourself go creatively...give yourself permission to mess up! I give you permission!LOL!