Saturday, February 16, 2013

You Know How It Is...

Oh, you know how it goes. You make some plans (that notoriously dirty word), and you set forth to follow up on those plans.
And then life says, "Hey! Go get some groceries! Stay late for some meetings! Get a migraine! Be a mommy and a wifey! Clean up some cat puke!"
Darned ol' life needs to keep its smart mouth shut!
But alas, it doesn't. And I will confess that it has not been the creative week that I had envisioned. I trust you will forgive me just this once. And then again when it happens in a subsequent week. And so forth.
This week's mini-project was supposed to be drawing and sketching. As soon as I rolled that die, I had a feeling this would be the first week that I didn't fulfill my weekly goal. I did bring a couple of drawing books out along with a sketchbook. They are staring at me scornfully from the shelf under my coffee table.
I'm hoping this counts:
Coloring is like drawing...right?
Well, it's Saturday, which is still a part of the existing week, so there's that. I could still draw or sketch something today...
No, not "sigh" because I don't feel bad about sacrificing some creative endeavors to:
My most favorite people in the world.
And it's not like I did absolutely nothing creative in the hands-on department. I did make this:
Cooking is creative, y'all!
And I did process a slew of iPhone pictures, so that counts for something...


Down on Main Street

Barn Love

On the Horizon

So, you's not like I just sat on my couch all week. I mean, I did. As much as possible. But I was still creative. Ish.
Will I promise to do better in the coming week? Well, I hate to break promises, so I simply promise to try. I'm going to carry over the drawing/sketching assignment and see what happens. I'll still process an iPhone pic every day (have to hit my goal of 365, after all). And I'll hope that the coming week isn't quite so dreadful as this one.
After all, tomorrow is another day to be creative...


  1. You're fishy is so cute! And you always think you aren't having a creative week and BAM! You totally do! So cut yourself some are awesomely creative each and every week!

  2. No slack! LOL! I'm staring at my drawing books now...feeling guilty...but making no move to reach for them! Shame on me!!