Saturday, February 23, 2013

Life is What Happens

I know. I know. I promised to do better with my creative endeavors and especially with my weekly creative challenges. So, how's this?
The Unfinished Mermaid
Okay. Now it's time for the truth. All I did was work on her hair a little bit. I had those darned good intentions, but they didn't carry me very far in terms of adhering to this week's drawing/sketching challenge.
And I'm okay with that. We've been in the middle of a bedroom remodel, so the household is in a bit of upheaval...and mess. My little guy did a solid face plant on the hardwood floor two week's ago, so we had a follow-up visit to the dentist this week. And I've been up to my elbows in prepping assignments for Romeo and Juliet for my freshman class.
But I have squeezed in a couple of small things, as always. I'm trying very hard not to abandon creativity completely. And I figure even the smallest attempts are good enough.
This week was another successful round of daily Instagram posts. If you don't have the Instagram app, you can follow my feed here. I've been working with textures from the newish DistressedFX app, as well as a couple of other photography apps:
Going Home

Empty Nest

Wide Open Memories

What She Stumbled Upon
The last two are probably my favorites from the week. Both of them make me think of magical things and places, of trips down the rabbit hole. Or at least peeks down that rabbit hole...
I also participated in "Throwback Thursday" with a pic of myself when I was about three:
Cutie Pie! :)
And strictly for comparative purposes, a selfie from the other night:
Filters are my friend!!
I may not have done too well at my weekly challenge, but I did start on a new artsy endeavor! I had a bit of Christmas money left to spend, and while surfing around Amazon, I found Smash Books by the K&Company. How to explain them...Basically, they are scrapbooks/journals/mixed media collections all in one awesomely designed binder. Do yourself a favor, check out one of the videos from K&Company. And then order your own. I haven't had much of a chance to amass all the goodies I want to tuck into mine, but I did start with a couple of lovely little tidbits:
I got the kit with two books. The green one will just be my anything
and everything book. The red one? All about me and my Hubby! <3

One of the guided journaling pages

Affirmations: "I now go beyond other people's fears and limitations..."

From a Hallmark bag!

Last night's fortune...added to the red journal ;)
So, while life tends to take over when it comes to my creative plans, I still manage to sneak in some random moments. Would I like more time? Of course! But every little bit is good enough for me!
Or so I tell myself... :)


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