Thursday, February 23, 2012

Part Two: Epcot!

I think that Epcot may be one of my favorite portions of Disney. The World Showcase absolutely enthralls me. I think part of that may simply be the fact that I don't see myself ever visiting most of the portions of the world represented there; Epcot may just be the only way that I'll visit Japan or Paris. And I'm okay with that.

The first hour of our visit to Epcot was spent manning the first aid station. This was all well and good, except that three-year-olds aren't entirely good at just sitting around for an hour. So we did run around just a little bit. We didn't drift far, just down to the edge of the lake, but that still provided him with plenty of entertainment!

"Mommy! The sun's in my eyes!"

Hanging with the Giant Sphere

Under the Umbrella of Paradise

My Two Favorite Fellows!

(We discovered that if you stood just right,
the shadow of the light fixture could turn us into chess pieces!!)

My Little Knight...Or Bishop...

My Favorite Sign of Blessings: A Monarch

Once we were finished with our shift at the first aid station, it was time to play! We made our way around the World Showcase, took a couple of rides, and ate some three-year-old-friendly foods...

Hanging in Morocco

Why, yes, I was overseas...

Ready for one of Nick's favorite rides: Figment!

Typical. He liked the fountains more than the rides...

A quaint little reading quarter in the United Kingdom...

Chasing sounds and lights...

Dancing and running around with the other kids...

Meeting his first characters...Pooh and Tigger!

Yes, my son is pretty gangsta.

Drums and Fifes

A Venue for Artists

As we wandered toward the front of the park, looking for air conditioning and a cold drink, we discovered a character spot! It wasn't overly crowded...score! And it included the object of Nick's first crush: Minnie Mouse!

But I'll save that meeting for the next post...

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  1. I loved Shadow Play! Good eye! I'll have to try that next time I'm there. :)Looks like Nick had a great time traveling the world!