Sunday, February 26, 2012

iPhoneography Mission #26: Ripple Effect

[Edit: I am an idiot. This was mission 26. I obviously lack the ability to count. Ha ha! So I will consider this mission #26 part one. I will repost a revised edition of this mission when we re-start the missions this summer. And then we shall compare my creative endeavors to make sure that I have grown in my creativity. Deal? And we shall never speak of my poor math abilities again..]

It's an milestone of sorts. We're twenty-five missions into our 100 "scheduled" iPhoneography missions. Twenty-five! That's practically half a

This week's mission was to "Make water stains." Cool, right? And so many possibilities, so many experiments. Sure...but I just took some pics of accidental water spatter and a piece of red paper onto which I dripped water from the little guy's bubble bath.

And then it happened. Laura sent me a text and asked if I wanted to suspend these missions for a little while. At first, I was aghast! I has been so crazy and so overwhelmingly busy lately! Without these missions, what chance for creativity would I have.

And then that cliched light bulb called an epiphany clicked on. These missions were amazing chances to try a new form of creativity for a while. And they afforded me a chance to learn some cool tricks and apps with my iPhone. But I haven't truly been creative with all of them in a while. Some have just become rote missions: "Oh, I have to get that done. Click. Click. Click. Okay, good enough."

And that's not good enough. Creativity gets stifled that way. I feel antsy and irritated that way.

And, as it turns out, so does Laura.

So, with this last mission comes our hiatus from the iPhoneography missions. We will return to them this summer. Maybe. Maybe not. Only time will tell!

Recipe for a Mission

I Remember Creativity

Somebody's Gotta Clean this Counter...Right After This Shot

Blister in the Sun

Scar Tissue that I Wish You Saw

And just like that? We're done for a while. And I am really happy and relieved! I have new ideas that I want to explore. New traditional photographs that I want to process and create with.

And I want to be creative rather than just going through the motions...


  1. I have enjoyed your missions but I am looking forward to seeing your new creative visions.

  2. Haha! Ah, well you really did rock this one! Blister and Scar Tissue gave me chills. I'm looking forward to our other creative challenges! xo