Saturday, February 25, 2012

Part Two Continues: More of Epcot!

Epcot proved to be tiring. The poor little guy was nearly falling off his tired little feet. And that first day of 80 degree heat after getting used to life in the forties was tough! (Though, as a side note, I can't seem to get warm enough now that we're back!)

So, we decided later in our day at Epcot, that we should find some respite and shade. What we ended up finding was even better! Respite, shade, and characters!!!

Of course, we ended up in line behind a huge family that couldn't quite understand that it's rude to spend an hour with each character, especially with 100 rammy children in line behind you. But I digress...

First up was Mickey Mouse, of course! Nick didn't quite know what to do as you can tell by the fact that Mickey had to turn him toward the camera and hold him in place! Ha ha!!

Look Over Here, Kid!

After Mickey, he had figured it out. He went right up to Pluto and wrapped his arms around him! And I love that Pluto dogged it up and crouched down for him!

Next in line? Donald and Goofy!!

On to the next!

And then, it happened. Clutching his plush Figment, he rounded the corner. There she was. The object of his profound affection. The very character whose voice he makes his mother mimic. The one. Minnie.

Oh. My. Gosh. It's HER.

Look at how shy he is!

Mommy. It's HER.

Well, after a that, there's not much else to do that wouldn't be anticlimactic! So, it was off to bed and to talk about the wonders of the day before drifting off to sweet dreams of Disney magic!

Next up? More magic...this time at the Magic Kingdom!

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  1. Aww! That's so sweet that he loves Minnie and makes you mimic her voice,lol. Sweet images too of your baby sleeping. Big smile!