Sunday, February 12, 2012

iPhoneography Mission #24: Seeking Color

I had grand visions for the ways that I could fulfill this week's mission to "Seek color". And I did start...

...but I just wasn't feeling it. I knew what the end of the week would bring, the burial of a loved one, and I just wasn't seeing much color in my world.

So here's the transition of my week, from not.




Green, Purple, Pink

Colorful Kingdom

In Her Hands, Love Letters Held

She Watched Her Colors Fade

The Distance of a Lifetime


We All Weep



  1. I love how you transitioned through this mission based on how your week went. I love your self portrait and of course all your tree shots. Despite the circumstance, you pushed through and found a way to make the mission meaningful. Wonderful work, Nichole!

  2. This was one of this missions that was very, as they say, organic for me. Thank you for your wonderfully kind words! <3