Saturday, February 11, 2012

Indulging in Childish Pursuits with My Alter Egos

As a little girl, I loved playing dress up. I had my own little wardrobe of dresses and scarves and jewels. And my grandmother always indulged my love of dressing up when I went to her house. Gauzy gowns, high heels, and "diamond" necklaces! And don't even get me started on the makeup!!

Alas, the chances to play dress up diminish as we get older. We feel like we're "too old for that" and that doing such things is for children, not grown women.


Why can't we, as adults, engage in those activities that fulfilled us as kids? How much of a stress relief would it be at the end of a hard day to just sit and color? Play with modeling clay?

Play dress up?

So, guess what I did. That's right. I played dress up.

Although I don't wear much on a daily basis, I do have an arsenal of eye shadows and lipsticks. And this year I bought a rockin' wig for a Halloween party that got postponed for another year. So, one night when the little guy was asleep and the Hubby was doing his own thing, I. Played. Dress Up.

There was something so fun, so indulgent, and so liberating in this silly act. I took the time to apply my makeup carefully. And heavily. I don't think I've worn this makeup since junior high when I thought Madonna was the guru on all things red lipstick. I pulled back my hair and threw on that rock star wig.

And I was transformed. No more responsible adult. No more educated professional. No more sedate and quiet and insecure and reserved girl.

Nope. She was gone and a series of alter egos came out to play...

'Lil Ol' Me...

Across a Smokey Room

Take On Me

Beautiful Disaster

Listening to the Muse

The Deception of Vulnerability


Now? It's your turn.

Indulge in your childhood. Find something that you adored as a child and do it now as an adult. Do it in private and don't worry about looking silly. It'll be sooo worth it!


  1. OMG, I love all of them! You go girl! Dress-up is so fun and you rocked that wig! I think Take on Me and The Deception of Vulnerability are my most faves.:)

  2. It was fascinating to me to see how you turned yourself into such a seductress.

    What did you husband say when he saw you. My husband would have been pretty darn excited and would have gone with it. :-)

  3. Thanks, Laura! I love that wig! It's just an el-cheapo though and I don't know how much life it has left! :(

    And Lana...I'm going to just hide behind my blush and run away! Ha ha!!