Friday, December 10, 2010

Lead Foot #6: Primitive Uncommons

"What is a primitive uncommon?"

I asked myself that as I processed this picture. I've always admired this barn and have wanted to capture a picture of it. Since we always fly by at speeds best not mentioned, the sign on the barn is nothing more than a blur most times.

This is the first that I had the chance to read the sign. Granted, it's not entirely interesting, but the idea of "primitive uncommons" is.

I mean, I know what primitive antiques and decor are. Though it doesn't fit into my house's overall decor, I've managed to sneak in a piece or two. My sister-in-law has much of her house adorned in primitives.

But what are primitive uncommons?

I thought about it off and on all last night, coming up with and discarding theories. The English teacher in me was going nuts. I didn't want to just look it up; I hate resorting to that.

I decided, however, that this morning was it. If I didn't figure it out, I'd look it up. I stared at the picture, reading the sign one more time in the hopes than the answer to this elusive mystery would present itself.

It did.


Two different sets of objects.

I read the sign wrong.


1 comment:

  1. Hahaha! Oh that made me laugh. :)
    Nichole, if we ever got a chance to hang out in person, you would discover this thing called "Laura Language"...I make up my own words all the time as if they were fact,lol. So, I like your new word. :) Maybe it will catch on and be in the dictionary one day!LOL!